Vitrue, a company dedicated to building and managing social media for businesses, wanted to challenge the status quo in the industry. Rather than talk about getting more likes and shares just for the sake of traffic, we repositioned Vitrue as the only company out there that builds something far more important than likes: love. 

After all, love is universal. Everyone (and every brand) wants to be loved. And while it's great to get those likes and shares, what's most important is that you're building love for your brand by creating great content and having great give-and-take with your audiences. That's what builds great brands. Our campaign focused on this little nugget in a big way. A simple headline: Like can never replace love. And arresting visuals that show how wrong it is when you try to replace love with like. 

Did it work? Well, business boomed after launching the campaign. And shortly thereafter, Vitrue was bought by Cisco for a sum that our clients surely loved. 

Roles: brand concept development (team), concept (team), copy, helping oversee image production (team)