stone brewing recruitment video


Economic development is a tough business. It's your job to make your region look as appealing as possible to a business or industry that likely knows little to nothing about you. There are usually a million questions to answer, along with a glut of tax incentives and other financial issues to solve. However, there's one thing you can never forget in economic development: your audience

What do they want to hear? 

It's kind of like dating someone. You can make a rational pitch for why they should go out with you. But that doesn't win a lot of dates. Give them a reason they can be passionate about. Touch them (figuratively) in a way that resonates more deeply than any fact book could. Show them that this isn't just about finding a new location. It's about creating a new home. 

Oh yeah: the challenge for this video? We had virtually zero budget, so no actors, virtually no crew, lighting, or SFX. We had about two days to come up with the idea, get it approved, find people willing to participate, and find locations willing to host the shoot. And then we had about 3 hours to shoot it. 

Roles: concept development, writer, director (partners: many--please contact me for the list)