duke health

At Modea, we worked with Duke Health to do more than just revamp an old, outdated website. We repositioned Duke to be a digital leader in healthcare.

Our goal was to take DukeHealth.org in a whole new direction with a new, fully-responsive website. But we also wanted to refine who the core audience for the site was. While Duke has a stellar rep for world-class specialty care, they weren't as successful at attracting patients in the region needing routine care. And that, frankly, was where there was the greatest opportunity for business growth. Our focus became providing a far more functional and informative site to patients in the mid-to-late stages of selecting a provider, especially in routine care. 

We started by cutting 75% of the content on the existing site to make it far more focused. We developed concepts for more than a dozen digital applications and platforms. Most of these applications will be developed and come online over the next couple of years. Using persuasion architecture, every single piece of content on the site was designed to guide the user towards selecting a physician and making an appointment. It's a radical departure from the previous site, both in terms of tone/design and content.

The new Duke Health site launched in mid-March, 2014. 

Roles: creative director, writer, IA, app concepts, photo direction, assisting with UX