Working with Lawrence Transportation, our goal was to radically change the way the entire moving industry worked. Before Moveline, managing a move meant calling various movers, having each one come and estimate your stuff, and dealing with late arrivals, even later deliveries, surprise charges, and broken stuff. 

Inspired by the likes of Kayak,, and others, Moveline puts the power back into the hands of the consumer. Set up your move once, tell us what you want to move, and Moveline will gather estimates from a range of quality-tested movers. Originally conceived as a challenge to the biggest moving companies in the industry, Moveline has been so successful, the big moving companies have even jumped on board. 

I was involved in every step of the process: business concept, functional spec, brand development, design concepts, developing the consumer path through the site, etc. We even had to develop the brains behind the system itself: the estimation engine. We built a brand new company from the ground-up. In August 2014, as the company continued its growth, I joined the team as Content + Creative Director, responsible for overall marketing and brand management. As a department head, I was also a member of the Master Strategy team that made the key business decisions and set overall strategy for the entire company. 

Roles: Agency: creative director, writer, biz concept development, IA (team) //  Internal: brand manager, core strategy team