mizuno usa

One of the world's most respected sports equipment companies, Mizuno USA's website was old, tired, and boring. It didn't reflect the incredible level of craftsmanship they put into each and every product. 

Because Mizuno serves so many varying sports (and varying audiences), we wanted each segment of the site to feel personalized. We started by turning the background of the site into a scene that feels familiar to the audience. Then we create a layout that makes it easy to display featured products, key programs and news, and more. The look and feel was fresh and modern, and far more user-friendly. 

We also created a series of videos for the new site highlighting. One set was focused on making Mizuno's incredible technologies relatable and understandable. The second series highlighted some of the world's best athletes and the passion that has driven them to achieve at such a high level. 

Roles: creative director, photo director, video co-director, writer